Contentment in Eugene

I waited for my luggage to appear on the single carousel at Eugene airport and wondered what this town had in store for me. My reason for being here was kind of whimsical, based on a recommendation by a stranger posted on a blog I’d written several months earlier. His enthusiasm for the place piqued my interest enough for me to add it to my itinerary.

The airport is possibly the smallest I’ve ever touched down in, but it has a few interesting items dotted about which filled my time before the carousel cranks into action. I can already sense the slightly quirky nature of the area from the airport decoration, which includes a lifesize model of a plane that will never fly, and two model ducks that tower a couple of feet taller than the people they greet.

Like most people I’ll meet in my time in Eugene, the shuttle bus driver can’t quite put into words what made him choose to settle in Eugene over 30 years earlier. An indescribable force made him put down roots and leave behind his native L.A.

The smell of incense drifts along the corridor as I make my way to the hostel reception. People wearing tie-die t-shirts sit behind a counter lined with an assortment of crystals, checking people in and smiling readily.

After dumping my bags, I explore the area. The pleasant smell of hops cloaks the streets around the hostel, drifting from the nearby Ninkasi brewery. I discover independent shops and eateries on my wander and take in the quirky houses and gardens.

People are cycling and I see more bikes than cars on my short walk, and I wonder whether I’m still in America. Front gardens spill onto the paths and everything appears a refreshingly verdant green after the dry conditions of California.

A large trumpeted blue flower helicopters from a tree branching over the pavement and comes to rest in my hair. I pluck it out and examine it, smiling. I realise I feel something I’ve missed in the hectic cities on my last few stops: contentment.


Going nowhere fast


Street-side seating outside a private home, complete with retro hairdriers


The classic 'pair of shoes over a power line' gag, although I get the feeling this was probably the source of what was to become imitated around the globe


Mosaic in the pavement, I don't imagine it's 'official', instead I think a local probably made the most of some wet concrete to make something beautiful


And the award for the most unique front porch in Whitaker goes to...


Even the missing cat signs here are kinda quirky


An interesting front garden. Can you spot Mr Potato Head?


Amazingly-delicious cocktail at Pizza Research Institute, Whitaker, Eugene. They also do fabulous pizzas!


2 thoughts on “Contentment in Eugene

  1. Di says:

    Sounds like the perfect retreat.

  2. Tobes says:

    Poor old Hugo Chavez – maybe he just pined away when he saw that the other one had died. Or maybe he’s on a boat to Venezuela?

    As for shoes over wires – have you ever seen the film ‘Wag the Dog’ with Bob DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman? I don’t know if that was where it started, but they certainly used it. Good film, check it out.

    Just read your adventures in search of cheese too. they aren’t really civilised are they? Keep on trucking…

    Tobes (counting down the days – c. 6 weeks left now)

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