Where do you find yours?


I love bouncing ideas off others. Verbalising what’s popped into my head often helps me pad out an idea I’ve been chewing over. Or the opposite happens; when I hear myself saying it out loud I realise it’s a bit too zany, or won’t work out for whatever reason, prompting a return to the drawing board.

But when it comes to brainstorming sessions, I really struggle. Trying to be creative at a set time on a set day, in a cramped and airless meeting room doesn’t help me generate my best ideas.

It can often be the catalyst for ideas, but the best come when I’m not trying to force the creativity.

I was away on holiday recently. I’d taken a couple of new pairs of trousers with me which turned out to be immensely comfortable. So I decided to turn my hotel shower into an impromptu washing machine.

Whilst elbow deep in suds, and wondering whether the swimming pool I was creating in the bathroom was going to cause any fineable damage, I had a flash of inspiration.

A new idea for a book was suddenly forming in my mind; taking shape like a lump of clay being moulded, from a shapeless lump to a graceful vase.

It got me thinking about where inspiration strikes. And it’s not always in the places I’d expect!

Does your physical location make a difference to your creative process? I’d love to hear where you find yours.


4 thoughts on “Where do you find yours?

  1. James Alcock says:

    Got to be somewhere outside for me, fresh air, good views. A lot comes down to the passion of those helping you storm ideas. The more energy, the more ideas! Working to a common goal with those people gives a sense of direction.

  2. James McV says:

    Inspiration usually strikes in the following places:
    The shower, great nothing to write with
    In bed, great now I’m wide awake with a new idea
    On the walk to, from work, great I’m talking out loud to myself

    Inspiration never happens when I have a pen an paper handy

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