How 50 became 7 (for now)‏


I had the somewhat foolhardy idea that I’d visit all 50 US states in one mega-trip. It seemed possible, in my mind, somehow. The problem? So many flipping marvelous things I want to see! So I’ve decided instead, more rationally, to break it into bitesize chunks. With my first bite I aim to consume seven states; a much more plausible feat, I hope.

My visa gives me a three month stint to play with. Based on nothing more substantial than a vague notion that I’d like to see whales in California in April as they migrate northwards, and that I’d like to be in Seattle in early June for a convention, I’ve padded out my travel plans from there.

I’ll leave the detail for future blogs, but roughly I’ll be spending time in California starting in San Diego, moving north to Oregon and then onwards to Washington. After that it gets a bit untidy, as I plan to head east briefly to Idaho and then Montana and from there by plane to Salt Lake City in Utah and then onwards to Wyoming to end at my heart’s great desire: Yellowstone.

10 weeks and counting until I can tuck in my napkin and prepare to dine on my first course. And if all goes to plan, I’ll be heading back for bite two in September.


4 thoughts on “How 50 became 7 (for now)‏

  1. Such a lofty goal to see all 50 states. Most Americans never do it. It took my father most of his life to do it. You might consider going for quality over quantity, at least until you have more time to explore. I believe it is beneficial to be flexible in your plans so you can change them when it suits you.
    Buen Viaje!

    • Couldn’t agree more. although I have plans of what I’d like to see it’s totally possible that I won’t like travelling alone and want to come home early. And I’m open to changing my travel plans really in any way that takes my fancy as I go. Let’s see what happens 🙂

      Great that your dad achieved his goal of seeing all 50!

  2. Angelswing says:

    Definitely go and see Yellowstone, Vicky. Trek on down to the Grand Tetons and Jackson if you get the chance too. Salt Lake City is worth a glance, but I found it a soulless city and didn’t like being accosted by Mormons at every step around the Temple area. One night was more than enough for me.

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