An uncomfortable realisation

Over Christmas I watched the film Scrooged. Have you seen it? It’s the one with Bill Murray, an 80s style take on Scrooge. Could I really be compared to this character?Image

Bill plays a selfish TV bigwig. On Christmas Eve he has plans to dine with his partner and their best friends. As he leaves the office on Christmas Eve, the head honcho of his company asks him out to dinner, so he cancels his plans with loved ones without a second thought and goes to dinner with his boss.

So here comes the uncomfortable bit…

My other half quite flippantly – and without any hurtful intentions – said something along the lines of “That would be you if you had a work offer like that.”

So you can probably imagine that I needed a bit of clarification on that comment. It was followed up with something along the lines of “I just mean you take your career seriously, and you’d probably think carefully about it if an opportunity like that came up”.


Right. So I’m not really feeling any better at this point. The person that I love most in the world thinks I’d ditch him for a career-enhancing dinner on Christmas Eve. Gees, this is bad. I crumbled into a mess of tears. Turkey carving was going to have to wait.

I’m not sharing this cringe-worthy update to garner pats on the back and there-theres. Rather because it really made me take stock of what my life priorities really are. If people close to me are feeling that my main priority is my career, am I cool with that? Not in the slightest.


I’d already made the decision to make some significant life changes; to focus more on what makes me happy. And the experience above makes me hope the changes I make will also have positive repercussions on those around me – let me know!


2 thoughts on “An uncomfortable realisation

  1. I think you’re just dedicated to everything you do, be it work or trying new things 🙂

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