Commuting to surfing

6.15am and the alarm feels like it’s going off inside my head, rather than from the nearby cabinet. Ouch. Big ouch. The first full week back at work since the Christmas holidays is so far proving painful. And it’s only Monday.

Glancing around as I boarded my train with other dejected souls this morning I realised that not one person amongst us looked happy. Ok, so it’s a particularly tough gig this Monday morning, but it got me thinking: do any of my fellow commuters relish the time they spend travelling to and from work?

I spend 1.5 hours each way, four days a week. That’s 12 luscious hours every darn week that I could be doing something else. Anything else. Instead I’m sat in a smelly train, and paying through the nose for the pleasure. Can anyone really be enjoying this?

Seeing my commuter gripes might make you wonder why I’ll be voluntarily choosing to spend a lot of time travelling on Amtrak and Greyhound.

Well, it’s different, isn’t it, when you’re travelling for pleasure rather than out of necessity?

At the end of the journey are new things to see, new people to meet, new experiences waiting to be had. And the journey itself is novel; the view from the window is a brand new exploration for your eyes and not the dreary-grey of commuter land which you’ve seen too many times to count.

Let’s hope I keep my rose-tinted view of train travel for pleasure!


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