The Beginning (originally posted April(ish) 2012)

Every story needs a beginning. A middle and an end are probably useful too, but let’s get the beginning out of the way first.

I guess it all started on Sunday 6th May. To be more precise, it was 2am in the morning.

Maybe that’s a strange time for a story to begin, but I digress.

So, The Beginning. I was mid-way through a second restless night. Stresses and strains after a few extraordinarily busy weeks at work coupled with taking on gargantuan challenges outside of work had left me…how to describe it…frazzled.

I’d reached a point where I was so tense I just couldn’t switch off. Sleep had become nigh on impossible. And I don’t function at all well on limited sleep.

So, in the grip of full-on brain-frazzle, I went to bed. After a good few solid hours of sheet-wrestling, I had a flash of inspiration. I knew what had to happen. I had to get out of bed that moment and start making plans.

I was going to travel across America.


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