Could I live without…‏ (originally posted May(ish) 2012)

Next week my new work desk is being delivered. Great, you might think. The potential drawback is the size. It’s smaller. A LOT smaller.

I’ve been thinking about how I can reduce my clutter; streamline how much ‘stuff’ I actually need around me while I work. Do I really need the inflatable union jack? Could I live without the yellow pig-shaped moneybox? Would life be unbearable without my pile-of-things-to-read-at-some-point?

I guess if I’m being rational, I could probably live without these things. And I guess living a more streamlined life is going to be a skill I’ll need when away travelling. Carrying all those extra odds and ends could be the difference between me arriving safely at Sioux City, or collapsing under a trinket mountain in Chicago.

I think I’ll seek advice from @DanSSenter – an expert in how to simplify processes for efficiency, and how this can apply equally to everyday life. Look out for a call from me, Dan! I’m hoping he can help shift my mind-set from ‘it could come in handy at some point someday’ to ‘I need this because it has specific benefits’.

Maybe a hard mountain to climb, but I’ve got over a year before I depart for the US. Just need to get those training miles in now – first stop – my desk!


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